He was my best friend

Catharina Vogels

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Kacy is a 16 year old girl and lives together with her older brother and mother in LA. Her dad left them when she was younger. She and her brother are having a really strong band and he is willing to do everything to protect her. When they where younger, Kacy had a really good friend who moved when they where 4. What if he comes back to LA and becomes the new guy on her school. But he won't recognize her. What would you do?


Tags: AdventureMysteryRomanceStalkerBad-boy
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chapter 2

As you would've guessed Noah, or at least the guy who looks a lot like Noah, is walking into the room. He has a grin on his face and walks towards the teacher. "Hello, you must be Noah?" Oh, yes it's Noah. Great! Taste the sarcasm. "Yup, that's me. In the flesh." "Nice to meet you, but next time you have to be carefull with the door it is not wo……

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