Falling For Mr. Handsome

UranusJan ChickLit

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When the bashful camgirl Christine Walker who hosts cooking tasty food on the Internet encounters the cool and handsome Carl Rogers who is popular in the electronic sports circle, she is shot by Cupid's arrow.
Falling in love with Carl Rogers, Christine wants to hold back her love, but the fact is she can’t help getting closer to him.
On one hand, Carl’s ex-girlfriend is casting covetous eyes on him; on the other hand, his crazy fans consider him a God. As an unknown celebrity, what countermeasures will Christine take and how will she do it?
Will she win her Mr. Right’s heart or not? 


Tags: RomanceTeenfiction
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The clock on the wall was ticking slowly and steadily.

Christine looked outside through the window, which was covered with rain drops. The rain was letting up a little. It might stop later.

Due to the heavy rain, Christine allowed other staff to go home. She and Daisy were the only ones there.

Daisy was looking through the prom……

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