He is Mine [Completed]

Bosy Elselhdar

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What if the womanizer billionaire fell in love with a guy!!
 Love can't be controlled it's fate comes out of the blue.. It's like Thunder can't be paused ..
 That's what happened when Mr Paul darkness met his Angel... And his name is Angel!!  

        The Rude, Arrogant Billionaire that every woman in the country adores him... And he didn't even count how many of girls he spent the night with, he can't even remember their names.. Suddenly turned into Possessive and Addicted to Angel.

        But Angel.. Have a boyfriend! A very possessive obsessive businessman.. When it comes to his Angel he could burn a town!


Tags: ActionCrimeMysteryRomanceLove-triangle
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Angel Pov***

"And who is he ?" i raised an eyebrow to paul, widening my eyes.

"He is our son angel ! " Paul winked to me.

"What do you mean !" i dropped my jaw and flickered . Come on when and how.

"i know that you like kids, and this little kid gave me some hope and support after what happened, he appea……

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