Unwilling Marriage [ Completed ]

Bosy Elselhdar LGBT+

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"You know that we are married now."
"Yes, so what?"
"So you have to satisfy me in bed ! Take off your clothes and don't even think because we are married for the sake of business , that you are allowed to be with anyone else "
"BUT_ _"
"I will smash your head and kill him! Don't even think about cheating on me , your heart is mine , your body is mine, your soul and every inch of you now belong to me "
"But , you are straight man ! What are you saying?!"
"Straight man with a hard monster d-ck so that's why ! you are now my sweet wife ... Seduce me!"

Two partners made their decision for the sake of business to arrange marriage between the young daughter of Mr Clark and the young son of Mr Smith... But the young kids made a small prank by changing the wedding invitation and removing their own names and putting the names of their older brothers ... What will happen ?

But what the two guys will do ? accept the marriage for the sake of business? As successors! Or find a way to get out? could a straight man accept this? Could they both make it and live with each other ?
Could this unwilling marriage turn into real love ?


Tags: BillionaireLGBT+RomanceLove-trianglePossessive
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Tommy POV:

I couldn't wait anymore, And My tears didn't stop, I was wiping my tears from my elbow, by my shirt and my hand, I was drowned in my heavy tears, my chest was killing me from the pain. My brain was going to explode from overthinking. All I was thinking about is my sense, That keeps telling me that Xander is in love with ……

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