The Curse

Habiba Adel

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Year—1096, Day—106
 It was known that this night is going to end up with murders, blood and dead bodies.
And it did, for only keeping one person alive, a total of 150,000 was dead and still this was just the bagenning, a curse some thought it was a blessing. A curse, all wants to break, but how? 
Sacrifice must be given, and loved ones will be lost, forever.

Hope you enjoy reading—start now—and all mysterious of the curse will be solved, SOON!
Habiba Adel


Tags: MysteryRomanceSpiritualTeenfictionThriller
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Chapter One

Year—1132, Day—87

‘KING HENRY: IT IS SO SIMPLE, IF I GO DOWN SO WILL THE KINGDOM BUT IT WON’T BE LINKED THIS WAY IF IT IS THE WAY ROUND’, this was written in the first page of the times newspaper, Henry ruined it and didn’t give a total control of his tongue in this stupid interview. He does have a temper and I don……

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