My Twin Bosses


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Angelo and Adrian are Alpha kings and have yet to find their mate. When their mother gets involved in finding them a girl once again they can't help but feel different this time. 

When they first land eyes on her in their kitchen in nothing but Cookie Monster pajamas they knew it was her, 

Their mate. 

Their Queen. 


Tags: WerewolfLove-triangleSexPolyamoryGentleCEOBossMillionaireSweet
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Rosie's POV:

"Noel get back here please!" I beg running after the little five year old giggling naked boy.

"You'll never get me mommy." He laughs.

"I just want to put your clothes on." I say as he turns the corner. As I turn the corner I run into my 18 year old daughter Danielle.

"Mom Dant……

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