My Irresistible Co-CEO

Soha Romance

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What happens when you suddenly find your ex in front of you after 6 years? Well, that is what happened with them.

Jayden Myers, the handsome playboy, becomes the CEO of his father's newly formed organization in partnership with The Reyes. He soon finds out that his Co CEO is his ex, Angelina Reyes.

On the other side, Angelina is furious but she can't help feel the attraction for him but does Jayden feels the same for her?

How are they going to tolerate each other?
Will they be able to get over their past or will they suffer and refuse to acknowledge their feelings?

Find out!


Tags: BillionaireRomanceBad-boyJealousyPossessive
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Chapter 11

Angelina PoV

I stared at Jayden and Anton. They were talking to each other, engrossed so much that didn't care that I was throwing daggers in their direction. I didn't know when dinner would be over so I could avoid Anton.

Anton Sherwell was my classmate at Harvard University. Just a classmate, nothing more and I made it clear to Ant……

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