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Zack, who was also called Daylight at that time, was a former e-gaming talent. Young and famous, he was criticized for pointing out that his opponents were cheating in a game, as a result, he suddenly disappeared from the e-gaming circle. Two years later, a small anchorman, named Yves, appeared in front of the public.
Connor, a well-known anchorman in the e-gaming circle, was frequently blocked by a small anchorman, Yves, in live streaming. However, he later invited this man to join his team. From then on, two quarrelsome lovers began to fight together in the e-gaming circle.
In the fierce “battlefield”, a dark curtain of an unknown future is falling down slowly, what is waiting for them in the near future? Well, you will have to read the story in order to find out.


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154 Ultimate Skill

Connor replied reluctantly, "The one trying to wear the crown must bear the weight.”

    "Twenty seconds after the beginning of the game, DL’s Dragon is about to get ready. I don't know whether he will choose to release it now, or wait for his teammates to destroy the enemies later."


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