Little Shape of Water

popcorn sweet Romance

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This is a quaint story.

The protagonist is just like Robinson Crusoe in “The adventures of Robinson Crusoe” except she is a girl. And the whole story is like the “Flipped” version of “The Shape of Water”.


A girl is left stranded on a grim island when sailing across the Buka Isles. Upon awakening, she finds a small merman on her body.

The merman is more handsome than any other male she had ever seen. Of fiction and of arts, she encounters this strange creature.

The girl, though at first regards the merman as a monster but later warms up to him. Gradually, they fall in love with each other on this strange island….Grim Island as it comes to be called.

Will this merman become a human by some magic power in the end? Will the girl finally return her life to normal just as Robinson Crusoe?


Tags: AdventureTeenfiction
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Chapter Six Hallucinations

With a mixed feelings, Jacqueline looks at the merman.

Having just left the sea, water is still dripping off of him. In one hand he holds the coral and with the other he continues to touch his throat as he tries to squeeze out words, making him appear ridiculous with his expressionless face.

She can’t keep from putting her……

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