The Mafia Loves Me.. OMG

Yui Ismutomo Romance

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Eowyn, an ordinary girl who works as a waitress in a cafe never knew that one night in a cafe will turn her life upside down when she rescued a man from bullet.
Aiden, the leader of The Genosees Mafia in Italy. The people and the cops know him as death himself went to Florida to find him enemy, one who ran away with his money didn't expect to be rescued by a girl from a bullet.
After saving Aiden, she's not just some ordinary girl anymore, that simple action made her life full of danger. Everyone from thugs, gangs and mafia's are following her and bringing her life in danger.
Different life and a dangerous love.
What will happen to them ?


Tags: AdventureBillionaireNew AdultBad-boyForbidden
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Thirty Two

"what? Ethan? Ethan Russo?" I shout and shocked when I hear what Liam, one of Genosees member mentioned his name after he checked something about the Brasco in Brazil as per order.

I nod when hearing his other explanation very carefully and scoff, I was right, looks like they made ally with the Russo.

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