Just for him (student/teacher)

Saturn Jupiter Romance

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Sylvia is a university girl, and Mr. Sanchez is a genius, the youngest professor the university ever has.
Before the first class, the two meet each other in a car accident. She falls in love with him from the first sight. She knows he is the man she desires. Then, she starts to chase him by doing every she can. 
But it seems Sylvia is not his cup of tea...


Tags: CampusForbidden
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Chapter 35: Lukewarm Relationship

Ryan walked out with a long face while Sylvia was chuckling.

“You might want to stop laughing.” Ryan finally turned back and warned.

“It’s hilarious. I’m just wondering how the two of you even got together.”

“Do you really want to know?” Ryan became grim.

“Yep, Howard told me you don’t fall for this type of woman.”


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