Just for him (student/teacher)

Saturn Jupiter

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Sylvia is a university girl, and Mr. Sanchez is a genius, the youngest professor the university ever has.
Before the first class, the two meet each other in a car accident. She falls in love with him from the first sight. She knows he is the man she desires. Then, she starts to chase him by doing every she can. 
But it seems Sylvia is not his cup of tea...


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Chapter 76 The End(completed)

Sylvia cooled down. In fact, she was not really angry with Ryan; after all, she still has her confidence.

“"You didn’t say why you’ve come suddenly.”

“I want you to go to the City-U with me.”

“Well. Why?”

“One of my teachers had another baby a few days ago and I bought a gift for his baby.”

Ryan was surprised at the……

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