In Love With My Cheating BF's Bestfriend [Complete]

Alle Adames

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What would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you, crying at your own bedroom like a pussy or getting your shit together and show him what u really got?
Welcome to my new story and thanks for your support, my dear readers!


Tags: RevengePossessiveHEBadgirlTwistedSweetBxG
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Chapter 17: come to light 2

I gazed at the corner of his mouth, and found it was already slightly swollen.

He should know what I mean, and became a little bit embarrassed. “That's what I owe him. And I let him give this punch to me so he may release some steam.”

I still felt sorry, and I said, “I'm sorry... I destroy your friendship, I shouldn't have let him kn……

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