Dark Crossroads [MxM]

Saturn Jupiter

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Theon, an ordinary university student, saved a man who fainted on the roadside—Rhein by accident.
Surprisingly, after he took him home, he found that Rhein was a cold and bloodthirsty vampire that only existed in legends. Embraced by Rhein in a rare occasion, Theon’s fate was bounded with him since then.
Following them is the conflicts and clashes of varied vampire powers, and Theon was thus involved in the dark world to struggle against the dark power.
What stories are they going to tell us? Read to find out.


Tags: HighschoolPlayboyStudentDramaBxB
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Chapter 108 The Werewolf must die

The body controlled by Theon’s arms suddenly swelled like an inflatable balloon, but it was much harder than the inflatable balloon. Theon was not stable at all, almost shaken away by the werewolf.

He was shocked and instantly launched his talent-- time became still!

Three seconds was enough for Rhein to kill the werewolf ……

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