Super-powered Girlfriend

Hot pepper

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Hannah always has her soul possessed in objects of her acquaintances for two hours every night.
One night, she became her boyfriend's cell phone. That's when she found out that the man who had said goodnight to her half an hour ago was chatting with an affectedly sweet girl.
After hearing about the time and place of their appointment tomorrow, she turned off the phone to avoid listening to their flirting...
A year later, Hannah was in a romantic relationship with her Mr. Right.
He coaxed her, "Do you want to try me first?"
However, Hannah refused his invitation. And she would never tell him that she had already clearly known how many abdominal muscles he had since she had had her soul possessed in the shower head in his bathroom.


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Chapter 100: Meeting an Accident

Shawn declined to have a drink that evening, for he had to drive everyone home.

It was a quite far from the suburbs to downtown. Shawn, Hannah and Tina departed at 8 o’clock in hopes of getting home at a reasonable time.

The air conditioner in the car wasn’t turned on. The windows were half open, and the cool night wind was very comf……

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