Flying High

Lovely Panda

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Sabrina, an ordinary medical student (with secret powers), was on a flight over the Bermuda Triangle when aliens from the C-Kent colony hijacked her plane. She was captured and brought to the aliens’ Colonial Castle – a dwelling of aliens that had secretly existed on Earth for hundreds of years.
In the colony, Sabrina meets Eric, the alien leader of the C-Kent Gray Party. Sabrina eventually falls in love with him. However, a civil war between two rival alien races threatens to tear them apart. As Sabrina becomes entangled in the battle between the two parties of C-Kent, yet another catastrophe occurs – the alien Hybrid Squid invades Earth! Together with Eric, Sabrina heads to the frontline to protect her planet. Can humans and aliens work together to wipe out their enemies and save the Earth?


Tags: ChicklitFantasyRomanceSci-Fi
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Chapter 120 – Little Alto

Things happened in just a few seconds. At the moment when the top of the little Alto touched the ground, a kind of switch turned on inside Sabrina. She madly rushed to the broken car. She could feel Cheng Liu’s kindness to them and the sacrificial decision they made soon after encountering the alien.

If they died, then...

With a cold……

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