Bittersweet Love

Author shakthi

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Rishikesh Raj wants revenge for getting his twin sister nearly dead in a car crash. but he is met with a surprise when he meets Payal Rao aka Pavi, who is supposed to be his enemy's sister. he tries to stick to his plan of revenge, but it seems more difficult than he thought and he is thrown between love and his plan of revenge.


Tags: BillionaireRevengePossessiveOpposites AttractSecond ChanceArrogantKickass HeroinePowerfulDramaBxG
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Breakfast was awkward except for Nithi's usual chattering. Jyothi was also trying to cover up the awkward silence but neither Rishi nor Payal was talking, both of them were too interested in their plate than in conversations. Jagdeesh, on the other hand, seemed overly cheerful and was talking to Nithi. Ranjith and Bala were talking about ……

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