What if I had a BABY of somebody I hate?!

Boom Box Romance

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Hey guys, check out my new story. I wil keep on writing You Are My Disaster, these are two totally different love stories, and I hope you enjoy both of them, for each will bring you onto a different journey!
Boom Box
Working together in numerous plays yet at the same time always crossing swords with each other, this is a very complicated romance between the drama king and queen, Jeffrey and Marilyn.

While working on the set of a soap opera together, where Marilyn was playing the role of Jeffrey’s wife, who’s seven months pregnant on the show. One day when they were alone with each other, Jeffrey was shocked to find that Marilyn’s stomach bulging. He promptly took her to a hospital where he found out that she was seven months pregnant.

“The pregnancy is now at the seven months stage and the baby is very healthy,” said the female doctor. She further asked, “When did you two get married?”

“How I could marry him (her)!” the pair cried out at the same time.

“You prick. You have been watching the baby developing in my stomach, now tell me what to do with it,” said Marilyn, looking worried as she rubs her bulging stomach.

Jeffrey was silent for a moment wit his eyebrows deeply frowned, and then he spoke to Marilyn. “Let’s have the kid and get married. I’ll be the kid’s father and take responsibility.”


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When Marilyn just got pregnant, Jeffrey thought this fantasy occurred with such slim chance.

And from Marilyn’s behavior at that time, he did not think Marilyn could be a good mother. And he knew a single mother in the entertainment circle would have a hard time. He also knew ……

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