Deepest Regret

Valerie Irene

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Maqlynn was your average teenage werewolf. She was the daughter of the beta, had a twin brother, and her best friend was the alpha's daughter. Everything was going fantastic, other than a long term crush she was too shy to act on.

Until one day it wasn't fine.

After a tragic accident Maqlynn is shunned from her pack and sent away to a school for delinquents. After meeting new friends and joining a new pack she has a new sense of self worth, and is also the packs greatest warrior.

One phone call is all it takes to send Maqlynn's world into chaos. After all, what's a girl to do when she is forced to help the pack the sent her away and the mate that rejected her?

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Chapter 24*

The next six weeks flew by.

We had decided on a heavier training regime for the adults, and just added two hours a day to the younger wolves training. We wanted everyone to be prepared. Rhett was still missing, and we had no clue if he was going to be coming back for revenge or not. That reason alone kept me on my toes. I was constantly lo……

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