The Legend of Lady Sierra.

Samuel Faith

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The Legend of Lady Sierra takes place in a world known as Ridgeland,a fictional island which is set in the middle of the ocean from most countries. This tale talks of 3 young boys, Monty,Jane and Reiner who have been engulfed into a world of crime and the supernatural. What will these boys do, when trouble comes knocking. Will they fight till the end, or will they fall in love and fight till the end. Let the battle for humanity begin.


Tags: CrimeDemonFantasyRomanceDark
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Chapter 22: The Griffons.

“Jane?” Nicholas hugs Jane tightly, not wanting to let go.

“I.. I thought you were dead.” Jane hugs Nicholas back.

“It would take more than a stupid fire to kill me.” Nicholas nods, as he holds Jane’s shoulders then looking down.

“I’m sorry, about your family.”

“Hey, at least you told me that I could put a bullet in them ……

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