Destiny Seekers

G C Fer

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There are gods that specialize in death (The Ballad of Crystl)
There are also gods that specialize in essence (The Heart Five)
This time, we meet gods that specialize in destiny.

Suoic Ipsus is one of those gods. Dressed in all white like a gentleman wearing a monocle while holding a baton, this devious god plays with the destinies of those who are about to die in a vehicular accident. If they win in his game, their destinies would change, but if they lose... "Final Destination". All of the games he plays with mortals end with him winning while the losing mortals meet their end. Always... except when he meets this mysterious mortal only known as... Mr. X

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Latest Updated
Chapter 10: Deep Crimson Slumber

“They’re here,” Alpha Boss stands outside the headquarters to greet the enemies. “Brace yourselves my children…”

“Roger that,” Mr. S enters his god mode. “Let’s do this!”

Mr. X also activates his, “Good luck everybody!”

Ms. R nods to both of them as she transforms into her goddess mode.

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