FicStorm's The Chase

Jean Cephas Walker

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   Richard Chase lives a normal life like every twenty year old should but he gets involved in a murder and his whole life changes into something out of an action movie.
   Essy Boyle is on the verge of turning over a new leaf and leaving a world of crime behind, but her mother dies and she finds herself being dragged back into the world she's trying to leave behind. Now she is on the run for her life with a young man who might have killed her mother.
   Tega, a freelancer is pulled out from his covert world to do the simplest job he has ever done-stalk a twenty year old. One thing leads to another and then he is caught in the hardest job of his life and has to face a truth so bitter.
   Detective Chase hates to lose a case but now he is not only about to lose a case. His job is also on the line as well as his life and it is all because of a twenty year old.


Tags: ActionCrimeDetectiveMurderSci-Fi
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Forty Nine


“But what if Blackhawk is not only just interested in a reunion but in whatever she presumably inherited from her mother” Richard was pacing Tega’s living room with so little patience. He had recounted his story of the past two days for Tega and Paul. He had learnt from Tega that the identical twins were DSA agents referred to as the……

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