Branded for Life

Chand Fantasy

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"Listen to your wolf, fight your fears and tests your limits because you will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have"

  In the world where every member of the pack is branded and where one and only alpha rules. He is given the first rights in choosing and claiming the females.

  Aura has been waiting her whole life for her rite of passage - branding.

  But at the night of her branding, when she got the attention of the cruel and vicious alpha of her pack, Alpha Demetrius, her life will never be the same. He planned her whole life and preparing her for the day when she can be legally claimed.

  She watched how her life slowly turned upside down and unwillingly accepted her cruel fate and learned to be timid and submissive but when she was given a chance to leave her past behind, she easily took it without looking back but it never occurred to her being branded and trapped in enemy's territory...

  ...either there will be much worse to suffer or she will get a chance to prove her loyalty...


Tags: ActionAdventureRomanceWerewolfAlpha
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Rite of Passage



"I, Lowell Flame, do solemnly vow that I will acknowledge my duties and responsibilities towards the pack; I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I will listen and obey the orders, follow the actions and defend my pack against the enemies. I will sacrifice my life to Alpha Demetrius ……

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