depths of WINTER (Branded for Life series)

Andra Kinsley Fantasy

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"You are bred to be an Alpha King." Those words whispered to him while growing in her mother's womb. A baby born with one and only purpose. But when a female grabbed his attention. He couldn't look away from her alluring aura. His goals conflicted. He seemed less focus on his intent and the female became the centre of his attention. A silent promise made to himself she will be his. Soon.


An Omega in a male-dominated pack. A friend in need. A determined warrior. But being a female and above all, an Omega-not only her ambition would be out of the question but considered absurd. Against all odds, she never turned back and let her worry overcome her goal. She fought back. Will she survived and be strong or left broken and dead?

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Tags: ActionAdventureRomanceWerewolfAlpha
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I was wide awake the whole night. Facing the window, looking through the crack of the curtains. Waiting for the night to evaporate. Light to bloom.

When dawn finally greeted me, I was tired and drained. I yanked the quilt off my body, letting the chilly air pervaded into my flesh through the clothes. My whole body tre……

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