The Goddess and the Golden Sunflower

Nessma El-ssawy

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**Comments appreciated** Egyptian princess. Hypnotist. Magician. Anthony Parker has several theories about the girl who unapologetically roars across his college campus on the back of a shiny motorcycle, flanked by an impressive entourage. What he knows for sure is that this gorgeous narcissist, is determined to destroy his sanity along with his sleep.

After Anthony accidentally confesses his love to her, her jealous bodyguard lures him into a deadly trap. When she magically saves Anthony, her true identity is revealed. She is the 3,000 year-old ancient Egyptian Goddess of sleep, and her magical world is exactly where Anthony has always dreamed to live.

When he discovers that her touch is lethal and she's being chased by her immortal evil half-brother and his army, Anthony must decide if she will become his new world or shatter his own to pieces.


Tags: ParanormalRomanceCampusForbiddenLove-triangle
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This Is The End

Anthony stood in the kitchen, watching Kay making dinner with his friends’ help. Chatter filled the room as she fished for information about his girlfriend. Claire, John, and Tommy kept no secrets from their second mother, while Anthony listened to their interesting theories.

In the middle of the chatter, the doorbell rang. Anthony filled ……

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