Don't play with my heart, play with my body.

Stupid Potato LGBT+

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*This story has mature content.*
*Updated twice a week!*

There had been rumors for some time that Isaac had the skill and Ward has the tool. As the greatest two gay men of these traits, wittingly or not, they never crossed their invisible border. Just like two queens never shared one nation together.
They had had an interest in each other. But then, Ward declared that he met his true love, so that he now decided to be loyal and obedient to him.
Months later, Isaac happened to find Ward having sex with some random man in a toilet stall on accident. Ward did not leave after they finished. But an idea occurred to Isaac: then he stepped out and kissed Ward…


Tags: LGBT+RomanceBad-boySex
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02 Yes! So What?


Isaac sat at the bar and grabbed himself a drink, casually tipping the stripper into his leather pants. The stripper leaned into Isaac’s arms slightly, waved his hips close to Isaac’s, he was trying to get Isaac interested but only to find himself blushed. Isaac then gracefully lighted up a cigarette, clapping the stripper’s butt as a h……

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