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Your everyday average boy, Jonathan, got transferred into an all-boys juvenile school for something he didn't do. He accepted his fate and decided to stay out of trouble as he always tries but always fail as trouble once again comes back into his everyday dorm life. Things he never expect to happen, happens and whether for a good reason or not, Jonathan doesn't know. At least, not yet. 

Romance between the same gender, the school's secrets, the student's secrets and Jonathan's own past would be looked into as our average boy tries his best to stay out of trouble which really isn't his main forte. Trying, that is.


Tags: LGBT+MysteryPsychologicalRomance
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"Well, I'll be damned," Shou mumbled as he walked towards the curtain. He turned to Jonathan and placed a hand against it. He held the cloth hesitantly but the hesitation only lasted for a split second. "I'm going to do this." 

"I really wish I could stop you, Shou," Jonathan said and the other grinned as he moved the curtain away. Bo……

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