The Ballad of Crystl

G C Fer

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I knew it... coming to this expedition was a big mistake. I don't want to die... what's worse is I might get eaten when I'm dead. Hopefully I won't get eaten alive. I'm just a common grim reaper. Why is this happening to me?

There was blood everywhere and I was on the ground. The entire team was decimated by those traitors. Everybody I know in the squad is gone and my master has fallen. I can’t move my body and all I could do was lie on the ground until the boss of the traitors approached me. He grabbed me and lifted me up as I approach death. For a god of death like me, dying is not a part of my résumé. Once a god dies, there is no reincarnation, there is no soul, and there is no second chance, just oblivion so…

[Under major revisions]

How did it end up like this?

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Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyHumorMystery
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11: All Hail the new Death King!


“You once told me that Caine was stronger than Voix,” Crystl asks G, “why was I able to defeat him?”

“Voix took a toll on attacking you,” G reminds Crystl of what happened to Voix’s arm. “At that time, Voix was very weakened just to get you to submit to him… yet you were able to BREAK it with that Outlaw or Law breaker power you ……

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