The Ballad of Crystl

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I knew it... coming to this expedition was a big mistake. I don't want to die... what's worse is I might get eaten when I'm dead. Hopefully I won't get eaten alive. I'm just a common grim reaper. Why is this happening to me?

There was blood everywhere and I was on the ground. The entire team was decimated by those traitors. Everybody I know in the squad is gone and my master has fallen. I can’t move my body and all I could do was lie on the ground until the boss of the traitors approached me. He grabbed me and lifted me up as I approach death. For a god of death like me, dying is not a part of my résumé. Once a god dies, there is no reincarnation, there is no soul, and there is no second chance, just oblivion so…

How did it end up like this?


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyHumorMystery
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4: Sleep God of Reapers


“For a universe of reapers, the souls outnumber you by a ratio of 100:1,” Index calculates the current statistics of the probability of some uncertainties. “Princess Strotus Darling, I suggest that you’d convert certain criminals into soul reapers like you.”

“We haven’t thought about that since father was in charge,” Princess Dar……

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