His Name? Mr. Suave

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On the outside, Roman Knight is a man of charm, confidence, and elegancy. All the women adore him and all the men envy him. However, on the inside, Mr. Knight is nothing more than a broken man with a haunting past in which he's desperate to forget.

Despite all his class, intelligence, and wealth, along with the lavish lifestyle that he lives, none of that shit brings him any happiness. All the attention and fake love from strangers can be nice on occasion, but it doesn't get rid of the fact that he still feels nothing but emptiness on the inside.

And in spite of him literally having everything that a man could ever possibly want, there is one vital thing that his money can't buy or fame impress; her name is Natalia Roberts and little does he know, she is about to come in and flip his broken little world upside down.


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Chapter 7 - A Scandal; Part 2

My mouth hit the floor as I gaped at the image on Roman's computer screen.

I felt sick, disgusted, embarrassed, and most of all – humiliated, and I had no one to blame but myself. I was completely baffled. Never did I think that this would happen. Then again, on that night, I wasn't really thinking at all. Clearly, the paparazzi got a hold……

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