Monster behind the Diamond Mask

Monique Harris

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Samantha grew up in a confusing and dangerous lifestyle as a hunter. Her life was a secret, a deadly one at that. If her father, who she loved and care for found out, what would she do? Naturally, secrets must come out. 

One day, her Dad kidnapped the wrong werewolf to interrogate, an Alpha's Luna called Catherine. Refusing to follow her Fathers will to torture the wolf, Samantha was stuck babysitting. Only to be kidnap by the wolves in attempt to retrieve their Luna. 

Against all odds, and much persuasion from the Luna, Samantha was taken in bit by bit by the werewolf pack. With many talents, she gained their trust. 

But like all good things, it must come to an end. Especially when the Fate of the Goddess wishes it so. 


Tags: KidnappingLGBT+WerewolfAlphaRape
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A week has passed and I was mostly confined in my room. Another pack had been here and was gone again in a matter of days. During this time I wasn't even allowed to leave my room to use the bathroom and Catherine couldn't visit me in those days which made my days feel longer than they were. Annie had come to visit me, until she had to leave to g……

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