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Convergence tells a story of an ex CIO agent hacks into his boss' laptop and comes across some highly classified information. When the man realizes that someone had hacked into his computer he notifies his colleagues and they hunt down the man behind the hack. His girlfriend is kidnapped and he tries to get him back. In the process he meets his old friend who later on gives him more information about the guys that wanted him dead. Together they begin taking out the corrupt syndicate one by one meeting new obstalces along the way. Can they really pull this off?   


Tags: Thriller
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Sunlight shined under the door like a ghoul's grin. The curtains added a yellowish glow to the morning light, then a chorus of birds broke the drone of the city traffic. John was up and already in the basement. The documents that clung in the palm of his hand would probably jail Mr Johns for more than twenty years. The evidence did not lucubrate……

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