My Love, My Mistake

Alexis Finney

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Meet Natalie Paige. Just a ordinary girl, who has a problem with being shy. But pushes back, when push comes to shove. She had a normal life. That is until she has to move all the way from England to California, because of the death of her beloved father. She has to now move in with her crazy interactive, and very out going of a mother. While just barely meeting up with her mother, Natalie runs into Mr. Bad boy, also know as Dylan Waters. Literally. Of course Natalie being Natalie freaks out, and quickly apologizes, and runs away. Little does she know that she just met her mate, who isn't going to ever let her go.


Tags: BillionaireRomanceWerewolfPossessive
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I Was Wrong

"NATALIE WAKE UP!!!!" I jump, because of the loud noise, and end up falling out of my bed.

"What time is it?" I mumble to my mom. Barely keeping my eyes open, now that she stopped screaming.

"It's 7 o'clock. Time to get ready for the day. Get dressed and do your hair so I can give you your tour of California." M……

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