Whatever Happens Now

Jade Lafrance

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~~ Not for the Religious, easy offended, kids or those who are disgusted easily, contains mature content~~

I lost my feelings while ago, well not all of them. I still feel some, but I'm always bored. My work can barely occupy my mind these days. I miss my younger days where everything was an adventure, getting out to beat some monsters and making mass murders for no reason. Don't be mistaken about me, I'm a demon. Slaughters is our daily activities, but like I said before. I've lost interest in normal everyday stuff and not much is a challenge for me anymore. Ruling over Hell is not always fun or pact with action.
Take a trip down insanity with none other than "Satan". Watch as he grows and learns new ways of being. What is this new face I see?


Tags: DemonHorrorHumorLGBT+Sex
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Chapter 2

"Good morning, sir." A stray ray of light hit my eyes and burned them for a few seconds. Hell's sun is so bright and hot demons only get out during the night. So when humans say demons get out only at night, it's out of habit that we do it in your world.

"What hour is it?" I sat up in bed letting the sheets roll off my chest to my crotch, ……

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