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Scarlett and Dylan were in love, since long and were about to marry. However, destiny had some different plans. Dylan gets charged of something he never executed and apparently, Scarlett alleged the same.
They are estranged and broken. Additionally, either of them had their personal melancholy and judgments.
Now, Dylan is back after 7 years.

Dylan claims her as his, while Scarlett, alternatively, and is engaged with Aaron Carter, her business partner, who happens to be their childhood best friend too. However, deep down her soul still feels for the devil, Dylan, who thrived in making an undeviating place in her mind and heart since former times. No matter how hard she might disallow, she could not evade his existence, him and the memories altogether, which they collected and shared over the past years.
Will their fallacies part them all over again?

Let us see what follows, when these two meet again after all those years of being apart.

Follow the story for more.

-Taani Singh.


Tags: ChicklitCrimeRomanceWesternJealousy
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Scarlett's POV:

Today is a great day and I am looking forward to it.

I was overjoyed.

I found myself keen and restless at the same time, to bring the honor and decorate in into my cabin.

I may sound like making a big deal out of this, but when you get recognition in exchange to you……

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