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"I know baby, you are still in love with me," he whispered in a deep husky voice, pressing his lips against her, causing her to shiver by the close proximity. He felt her body being tensed as he pulled her more closely to him.

"Say you still love me," he held against her lips, making her breath hitched in her throat.

"Soon, you'll be mine. Not his." He whispered dropping his lips on hers, his hand making its way at the back of her neck, drawing her more closer, if possible. Before he could attain full control over her mouth, she pushes him away.

"No. I'm not yours," she counteract and glaring at him ferociously at the same time, "Go away from where you came back. I don't want your presence in my life again." She seethed. He smirked as he enjoyed witnessing the effect he had on her.

Turning onto her back, she decides to leave, but that was not going to be that easy. He dragged her to him all over again, refusing to leave her.

"Leave me, you devil," she yelled at the top of her voice, struggling to get away from his grasp. He smirked at her efforts.


Scarlett and Dylan were in love, since long and were about to marry. However, destiny had some different plans. Dylan gets charged of something he never executed and apparently, Scarlett alleged the same. They are estranged and broken. Additionally, either of them had their personal melancholy and judgments.
Now, Dylan is back after 7 years. Will their fallacies part them all over again?


Tags: BillionaireMurderRevengePossessiveSecond ChanceFriends to LoversPowerfulDramaBxG
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46. Epilogue.

Epilogue - In love for evermore.

Scarlett's POV:

The armchair behind the big chairman's desk was quite big for my body as I shifted myself two times, trying to find comfort. Everything in here was fresh and new; the offices, the interior and lastly, the impression which only had optimistic vibes. I liked these new thi……

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