Everworld Knights

Ryan Boucher Fantasy

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After suffering a great defeat at the battle of Sanguine Hill, Roland Everworld is captured by a tribe of bloodthirsty Northmen. Enslaved now, he is forced to fight for his freedom in a colosseum designed, raising in the ranks to earn the trust of the Northmen King. 
With a mad King trying to rule over the five main states of the human population residing in Everworld, Ryland, son of Roland, finds himself in the middle of a deep conspiracy. Here, he must battle the politics of his kingdom, while trying to find his father in the ashes of a lost war. 

Everworld Knights - A fantasy tale surrounding the life of a captured father trying to return to his family, and a son who will stop at nothing to bring him home. A gripping tale of lies, deceit and death!


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyParanormalRomance
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Chapter Three: The Prodigal Son

Ryland Everworld woke up this morning the same he had every morning through the week previous. His father was meant to return from battle all those nights before, and yet nothing came of it. Rushing from his bed, through his father’s home, he was hoping that somehow, his father returned to him in good stead, without harm. No word or mention was ……

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