The Diary of Maria and Elynnor

Lynn Li Tung

337 reads

My very first novel. A story of how two female West German Orchestral conductors, Opera singers and Classical composers with clashing musical beliefs and creative differences become business partners. First written in 2016, the year I began writing.


Tags: HistoricalNew AdultRevengeSuspenseJealousy
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Epilogue - Maria

Now that my musical/business partner of three years, Elynnor Dahlia Tullerin-GOLDE, has married, I can expect her future children to take over our HGOH (Hubert-Golde Opera House, formerly known as the Hubert-Tullerin Opera House). Hmmmm. At least, that’s what Ely’s friends were joking about secretly behind our backs (they’re really bad at keepin……

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