Lisa Kopp

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Sarah has thought of herself as a normal girl living in the Sister's Covent outside of Salem, Massachusetts. As long as she could remember, Sarah has had vivid nightmares of her death. The nightmares haunt her nights leave her confused about herself. On the eve of her twenty-first birthday events during a visit to Salem will change everything. Can she accept the truth about herself or will she deny her destiny?


Tags: GothicHauntedParanormalRomanceCult
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Adam woke staring into the darkness. Turning his head, he looked around felt confused. He knew he was in a bed, but not his bed. He stared back at the ceiling of the room and everything came back to him in a rush. He glanced to his side and felt a sigh of relieve. Sarah was lying on her side with her back to him. He pulled himself close to……

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