Till The Ryu Tree Blossoms

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It began with a curse and lasted several lifetimes.

"You have slain my body, so I will slay your soul.

"For the warrior Yue-Lin, I gift to you mortality. Your soul will pass on, as a normal human does, and when you enter the Gates of the Otherworld, you will drink the Cup of Forgotten Sorrow. Thus, shall all your memories be wiped, and you will leave behind your past, to paint a new future, with a new body, as a proper human being should be. So it has been spoken.

"But you, my silver-haired youth.

"To you, I gift immortality. The Cup shall never touch your lips, and you will remember all your lifetimes, and you will have plenty of it. To each lifetime I give you pain, and tragedy, and sorrow; to each lifetime I give you the blessing of meeting your love, only there will be no happy ending, none! She will pass on before you, she will not remember you, but you will know her every caress, every kiss, every touch as if you had felt it only yesterday. She will find you, she will love you, but on the brink of happiness she will leave you, and that is how it will be, and how it will always be."

The witch would have liked to stop there, but the rules of magic do not condone an infinite spell, and so, with a glance at the burned and ruined tree she added,

"And there will only be one way for this curse to break, and that is for the ryu tree to blossom again. The ryu tree on the banks of Lake Gimhori, burnt and hollowed by flames.

"Till the ryu tree blossoms again, you will live your lifetimes with pain and regret, haunted by your greatest fear - the loss of your one true love.

"With my last breath, I seal these words.

"With my last breath, I curse you; silver-haired youth, Wielder of Radiance, Keeper of Excalibur, Crown Prince of Ice -

"Ahn Jimin."


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