Till The Ryu Tree Blossoms

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When the Crown Prince of Ice killed the Wicked Witch of Gimhori, she made sure he paid a terrible price for it.

"You have slayed my body, and now I will slay your soul."

And thus began the curse. The Crown Prince would be reborn, again and again into several different lifetimes. He might be a prince now, but he could be a soldier next - or even a peasant boy. But no matter what role he played in whichever lifetime, two things were made constant.

One - that the Crown Prince would always retain the memories of all his lifetimes.

Two - that the Crown Prince would fall in love with the same woman, and every single time, their romance would be doomed. That the woman will always die, that they will have no happy ending, and the Crown Prince's promise to protect her ... will always fail.

For how better to destroy a man's soul, then to make him witness the death of his beloved, again and again?

“With my last breath, I seal these words.
“With my last breath, I curse you; silver-haired youth, Wielder of Radiance, Keeper of Excalibur, Crown Prince of Ice –
“Ahn Jimin.”


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