Rejection is my Salvation

Monique Harris Vampire/Werewolf

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Rejected twice, first by her boyfriend of four years, then by her mate shortly after, Delilah ran away. Near another pack, Delilah's strength gave out and as she was about to pass out, an ally appear and led her to the pack and there she learned new things and a new love. The whole pack gave her a new strength she didn't know she had and her new love healed most of her scars. But even with this new development, Fate draws her away. Will Fate be kind with her... Or will Fate break her down and destroy her?


Tags: RomanceWerewolfAlpha
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Chapter 3 - The Birth

"Hello, Byron," I said as I looked at him dead in the eye, the emotions draining out of me.

My brother's smile fell and his face turned into confusion. He probably expected me to run into his arms crying, telling him how much I missed him. Yeah, like that was going to happen.

"So," the elderly man said as he stood behind Byron……

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