Welcome To Quantum Holidays

Edward O'Neill Sci-Fi

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The year is 2030 and time travel has become the most popular form of tourism. People no longer take holidays to different places. They take holidays to different times. Go on a safari trip to see the dinosaurs. Enjoy a weekend in Ancient Rome. Planning a honeymoon? Take your new wife to see Romeo & Juliet in the original Globe Theatre.

The world changed forever when Stanley Mandeville invented time travel and set up his time travel company, Quantum Holidays. Mandeville refuses to share the secret of his technology, but with governments threatened by his power and other companies jealous of his success, it is only a matter of time before someone tries to stop him.

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The walls of the Turkish baths were lined with large blue and green tiles, from which Arabic lamps hung. Jack sat languidly in a wicker lounger. Having risen too late for breakfast he had headed to the baths when he woke up. His head was heavy and he still felt full from the marathon meal the night before.
Across the room, laid on a bed was a……

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