Sanguine Literist Erotica

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The world has gone post-apocalyptic and Amoury Sweet lives in a society where prudes rule and the human spirit is subdued. Initially, she copes as well as anyone can under these circumstances. But it is a machine-dominated, harsh and unforgiving world and soon the mysterious dreams that were once only a nuisance become a stumbling block in her attempt to blend in. She was never meant to live this way and neither was anyone else and she knows this. But can she free herself and others from the tyranny of prudishness?


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Sink or Sail?

The chair sat in isolation under the only light in the room. The escort on her right extended a hand forward towards a section of the table that had a decorative snake line running from one edge to the next. She moved towards it obediently and jumped in fright as a loud click followed by a heavy grinding sound broke the silence. The table retrac……

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