The Whisper of Death

Cynthia Monica Suspense/Thriller

300 reads

Death has always been looked upon from the view of the victims, the ones who stayed behind, and the one who caused the death. However, never has anyone looked at Death and wondered what it was like for him. They were simple too scared to even consider him a person with emotions. That is, until a simple human girl could see him, and didn't run. But was that a good thing?


Tags: MurderMysteryRomanceDark
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Chapter 5

“How are Reapers born?” Videt asked sleepily, watching Jack wander the room from under her eyelids. He was inspecting himself in the mirror, frowning slightly at something he saw in his reflection before speaking.

“Reapers… aren’t really born,” he mumbled, stroking his hair on the back side of his head. “We appear in places wher……

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