Under the Mask

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He was cold-hearted, soulless, cruel and vicious yet alone and dying. Set away by his brother to be killed, he merciless survives his death with the help of a stranger. 

She did what any human being would do, called for help and waited by his side. What she didn't know is that he, the rightful heir to the throne, would forever be in debt to her.

He was not a prince of any sort; he was a king.

The King of all drug lord's.

Authors note...

This book is a dark theme so beware my fragile people who get triggered easily. This book may not be suitable for you or anyone under the age of 18.


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Chapter 2


One week later.

"I want every information you can get on Taylia. Also, one of you men stay here and keep an eye on her while I visit my brother. He's in for a surprise once he knows that I'm not dead how he planned."

The men before me stood still, debating to speak their mind or remain quiet.


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