Assigned to You (Completed)

Danielle Catalonia

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Evangeline Sterell has trained to be an assassin her entire life and her training had been proven useful. Think Black Widow. She meant her skill to help save the country and kill those who crossed the law. When the order becomes shoot to kill, she's the girl the FBI calls to get the job done. And she does her job well.
Her new assignment wasn't like her usual work. It wasn't just simply shoot to kill. It was to gather as much information as she could from her target, who happened to be the nephew of the notorious criminal the cops always kept tabs on. But when the target also happens to be the guy who gave her a kiss that she couldn't forget, can she remember her orders to shoot to kill?
Or will she have her heart shot?


Tags: ActionAssassinDetectiveRomanceSex
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Everett wasn’t sure what brought him to the place that he first saw her. Two years had passed since the last time they were in the same room together, since their last goodbye. He didn’t want to let her go then but he respected her wishes. She was going to find herself, she had said, and when she found herself, she never specified wha……

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