Kiss Me Kill Me

Van Der Waag

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Andrew Dickson, a troubled genius living alone in the mountains of New York State, is unaccustomed to visitors. This changes when Amanda, a walking whirlwind, tears into his life seeking rescue from the dark forces that hound her; a mysterious note, several dead FBI agents and her own chaotic past come together to push them to the brink. Can Dickson solve the mystery surrounding Amanda before it's too late?


Tags: MurderSerial-killerDarkHEPowerfulPoliceDramaTwistedSweetBxG
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Chapter 9: The Best Chef

Did they all lie?

Amanda walked forward and stood by him.

The wind rippled through his hair, his face a wry smile. His eyes, which often shone, were now a deep, velvety black which threatened to swallow her whole. It was then that Amanda knew that Dickson knew far more than she could ever imagine. Including about this case.


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