Kiss Me Kill Me

Van Der Waag Suspense/Thriller

660 reads

Amanda is a mysterious biologist. Five FBI agents have already died protecting her. In order to find her missing brother, she went to ask Dickson for help, who is a talented logician, detective and FBI/CIA advisor and stationed in an old castle. Guided by a note left by her brother they track down a dark secret. Right then, Grace’s roommate was slaughtered - being slit at her throat. Amanda begins sensing an evil power haunts her…


Tags: MurderMysteryNew AdultRevengeRomance
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Chapter 1: The Code (1)

There was a heavy chill that early spring in the mountains.

As soon as Amanda got out of the car she felt a coldness spread all over her body. Amanda subconsciously muffled her overcoat while trotting towards the old castle in front of her.

Feeling weird, she desisted and looked around.

It snowed heavily several days ago. The m……

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