The Game

Emily Kelly

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10 go in and only 1 comes out.
The Game is a demented system that's used as amusement and a way to keep people working. 10 contestants are chosen by how much they work, the more you work the less of a chance for your name to be picked to go in. The contestants go through stages of tasks, each task is continued out until one player is disqualified.
It's said that by winning The Game you are given riches beyond compare, but nobody knows that for sure because nobody's ever won.

Macy was a troubled girl, always had problems with following orders and getting work done. She'd much rather run away in her imagination or challenge her mind with puzzles of sorts. These things always led to her getting in trouble and barely ever getting her work done.When the time comes it's no surprise to everyone that she's one of the chosen to go in.
Macy must face the hard challenges of The Game, the loss of friends, and new relationships.

Will Macy be able to come up on top or will she become just another lost soul in The Game.


Tags: ActionPoliticalRomanceSuspense
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