The Downfall

marie westbrook

371 reads

In a world where emotions must be bought, Nadia Kingsman is against the government. Deciding to join with the rebellion, she must figure out a way to take it down. But taking down a government that society either loves or fears is proving to be a bigger challenge than she originally thought. Especially when rebel bases are being found quicker than ever before. Meeting the rather complicated Seth Bowers has proved to be a distraction for Nadia, especially when he keeps calling on her for help. Will she be able to choose between the two?


Tags: AdventureCrimeRomanceSci-FiSuspense
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Chapter 11

They should have made their rounds before deciding that they were safe. They should have never let their guard down. They should have done a lot of things that they didn't. Within an instant, the two rebels were surrounded. Guns were drawn, pointed at the two. Nick had his gun drawn and Nadia had her knives. She mentally cursed herself. She brou……

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