Building Monsters

K. Weikel Suspense/Thriller

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One little girl, kidnapped at the age of five.

One angel, drifting away from the promised land.

Peregrine controls her nightmares, this angel, and he's taken a liking to manifesting fear and being in control. But when he learns of her predicament, his emotions attach to her and he is sent to find and save her. But there's something sinister controlling her now...

Zinnia was only five when the men came for her. She was a few hours older when the nightmares attacked. But there's something more to this constant slumber, something that will soon reside inside of her, and it's something only she can exorcize.

Can Peregrine, the Nightmare Dreamweaver, save her from the road she unwittingly tumbles down each day, or will she be fuel to the eternal fire burning beneath her feet?

Will Zinnia find strength and save herself, her eternity, and, possibly, the others that are like her? Or will she turn her back and crumble beneath the weight of evil residing inside her brain?


Tags: DemonHorrorKidnappingParanormalDark
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Chapter 13: Zinnia

I SCREAMED AND TUMBLED TO the floor, crashing into at least three unconscious bodies. They stirred, but only one woke, muttering something intelligible. The door opened enough to let Red Eyes slip through, a malevolent smile pulling at his lips as he focuses on me. Light draped onto his tall, bulky frame, eerie shadows dancing along the bridge o……

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