Whisper of the Silencee

Linda Lsc

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'Listen to the silence. And you shall find your answer.'

When Clover Hon sensed somebody turning on the car she was hiding beside, she immediately slid in sneakily without giving it much a thought. The only thing that she knew was that she gotta escape. There's no way she's going to be a sex slave. Never.
But whose car was it?
Did she really escape from trouble?


Tags: RomanceTeenfiction
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Blackmailing. Sex assault. Rape. Kidnapping. Possessions of deadly weapons. Jack Lee, along with all of his men were charged. The pride of the nation's treasure vanished. No longer the famous lawyer, but an old-perverted sex addict. Police seized his house, properties. His luck went the downhill. Unlike Evelyn. Because of her words of truth, the……

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