Sweeter Than Romance

Carsha Shion

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Doing her best to survive the trials of everyday life, Lianne Emily Clarkson maintains a cool-facade and makes sure to be away from the harsh reality of society. She prefers to live a simple life where her only goals are to Eat, Sleep, Work, and perhaps successfully complete her senior year without attracting attention from her peers.

However, things don't go always as planned especially when she discovers a secret from one of the schools hottest idols, Nicholas Dean Howard. A secret which forces her to adapt into situations she never imagined to handle.

And as if fate were playing tricks on her, she encountered another persona which shook Nicholas and her world to a great degree. The ruthlessly handsome and stunningly attractive, Alejandro Nivierre


Tags: HumorLGBT+RomanceCampusLove-triangle
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Chapter 12: Doubtfully Yes


The following week consisted of Nicholas’ attempts to persuade me in cooperating to his agreement. Whether it would include locking me up in a room until classes are over or announcing my name all over the campus, the cunning fox tried all means ranging from sweet to forceful attempts. His actions caused me to become a ……

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