Love Me Two Times

Sam Singe

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*two chapters per week* writing while editing.
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Struggling for inspiration, Ethan, a scriptwriter, switched his body with Jeremy, a gay escort, through a mystical agency. Soon after, he meets Alex, a tall, rich and handsome CEO. The pair suddenly finds themselves falling in love, Ethan within Jeremy's body. However, when Ethan wants to go back to his own body an accident stops him...


Tags: BillionairePossessiveCEOBossDramaBxB
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Chapter 122-Epilogue

Instead of going to the Korean joint they ended up at Alex’s place. Ethan had never been to this apartment before. It wasn’t far from downtown, but it was remarkably quiet.

With four bedrooms and two dining rooms, it was much larger than the place in which they had once lived together. The study was particularly spacious with a row of empt……

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