Apocalypse Rising: Émergent

Jade Lafrance

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The world as we know has ended, an Alien race came and invaded the Earth, destroying all major cities and leaving the others broken. During the first attack, a strange teenage boy appeared and protected a few people, killing or injuring a part of the enemy in the process. The problem is, nobody knows where he is from, not even him. All he knew was his name: Dave.

~ I'm not fluent in English, but I do try my very best. I review my story at least 2 to 3 times before posting it. Enjoy.


Tags: AdventureFantasyHumorSci-FiSuspense
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Day 14

When I got back to my senses I was floating in cold dark waters, I could hardly breathe, feeling the liquid freeze my lungs with each inhalation. I felt cold darts stab my eyes as soon as I opened them so I kept them close.

- You know closing them will only make you blind?

Janna? What is she doing here?

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